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Litigation Fuels Demand as Firms Deal with Hiring Challenges

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With litigation leading job opportunities in the legal field, a majority of lawyers across the United States (84 percent) are optimistic about their firms’ growth and are looking to hire. Read our tips for bringing on legal talent in this competitive hiring era.


How to Say Thanks to Paralegals — and Why You Should

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Where would you be without a paralegal to help you out most days? Whether it's drafting documents, interviewing clients or preparing motions, paralegals are an indispensable part of many law offices, companies and nonprofits. That's why it's so important to let these team members know how much you appreciate all their hard work.


Lawyer salary hikes: Follow these tips to retain your top legal professionals

Recent news about lawyer salary hikes at some of the nation’s leading law firms has the legal field abuzz. With lawyer salary ranges for first-year associates at BigLaw firms reaching $180,000 a year, what can smaller law firms and corporate legal departments do to recruit and retain high performing legal professionals?


Will Your Lawyer Salary See an Increase in 2016?

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The national average increase for starting salaries across the legal field is predicted to be 3.1 percent. But what does that look like for your specific lawyer salary? Depending on the years of experience, your expected salary increase may be higher or lower than the average.




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