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Lawyer salary hikes: Follow these tips to retain your top legal professionals

Recent news about lawyer salary hikes at some of the nation’s leading law firms has the legal field abuzz. With lawyer salary ranges for first-year associates at BigLaw firms reaching $180,000 a year, what can smaller law firms and corporate legal departments do to recruit and retain high performing legal professionals?


Will Your Lawyer Salary See an Increase in 2016?

legal salary

The national average increase for starting salaries across the legal field is predicted to be 3.1 percent. But what does that look like for your specific lawyer salary? Depending on the years of experience, your expected salary increase may be higher or lower than the average.


6 Lawyer Salary Negotiation Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

lawyer salary negotiation

Discussing your lawyer salary requirements can be uncomfortable. Not surprisingly, many lawyer job candidates fare poorly during salary negotiations. Even lawyers who are experienced at interviewing make mistakes at this phase of their job search.


Law Practice Management Software: Efficiency and More

Law practice management software

Almost all law firms are now using some form of law practice management software to streamline workflow and improve client services. Read on to learn how the software is being used and how to evaluate your options.




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