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Tech Hiring Trends [Infographic] Demand for tech talent is projected to grow. This infographic examines the drivers of hiring and offers job seekers some insight into the hiring process. Rise of AI: how to prepare your business for the future of work Rich Cownley, Head of Future Tech and Digital at Yonder, discusses the role of AI in the future of work and its impact on communication, processes, productivity and performance. Business transformation: how to successfully unlock the true value of your project Tim Hird, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Optimisation at Robert Half and Protiviti, discusses both the opportunities and challenges in business transformation and how to maximise the return of investment. How to successfully navigate the benefits and challenges of a hybrid model What's in store for flexible and hybrid working? Trisha Plovie, senior vice president of the Future of Work at Robert Half, shares her expert insights. Why 'talent on demand' hiring models are the gateway to growth Talent on-demand models are changing the game. Matt Duncan, Managing Director, Business Performance Improvement Leader at Protiviti discusses the model, its benefits, and how to make the shift. Shaping the future of work Prepare your business for the future of work with insights on AI, business transformation and hybrid working models. Unlock these strategies and stay ahead in the evolving work landscape. How to introduce yourself on the first day of a new job Our expert recruiters offer their advice on how to introduce yourself to your new team on your first day. Read more. How to motivate a team to perform - 25 proven ways Not sure how to motivate a team? Here are 25 tips (some simple, some complex) to inspire the best out of your people. How to answer 'why do you want this job?' during an interview Learn how to answer “Why are you applying for this position” in your upcoming job interview with expert advice from our recruiters. Read more. Research and insights Find exclusive research from Robert Half and get resources you can use to help make better hires, hone your management skills and advance your career.

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