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What makes Robert Half an attractive employer Curious about what makes Robert Half so unique as an employer? Happiness at work: a must or an unreachable ideal What does happiness at work really mean and why is it so crucial? How can you ensure that employees feel good? Sustainable careers as a driving force behind the economy Sustainable careers are the engine of a thriving economy and society. But what exactly is a sustainable career? And what can you do as an employer to encourage sustainable careers? Investors prepare to shuffle the leadership pack Executive leaders and investors are in unchartered territory because of an unprecedented series of events. Phillip Hendrickx Managing Director at Robert Half’s Executive Search practice explores why private equity investors are planning to make changes in the c-suite of their portfolio companies – and the leadership skills they need now. How to manage people in a hybrid working model Due to the corona crisis working from home has been the norm for several months. The road to a hybrid working model where part of the team works at home and part at the office seems to have begun. But how do you manage such a team? What are the pitfalls? And how do you keep employee engagement high? Don’t neglect succession planning, it will change your fortunes More than half of businesses in Europe don’t have a succession plan in place. But some simple steps could help them address the future with more certainty. Fabrice Coudray Managing Director at Robert Half’s Executive Search practice explains why succession goes beyond leadership and right to the heart of stakeholder confidence. How to boost employee morale during times of uncertainty During times of uncertainty it’s important for managers to overcommunicate with their teams and keep them updated on the state of the business and operational plans.  Why you should build your team’s adaptability quotient As we move into the future of work the only constant is change. New technologies are emerging all the time — many of them change consumer behaviour or impact the market at large. During unprecedented times or periods of uncertainty businesses need frameworks that allow them to pivot quickly. This includes the mindsets of their staff. Using soft skills to help women close the leadership gap Executive leadership skills are evolving as younger generations start their careers and hybrid working moves into the mainstream. As part of Women’s History Month Karina Perez Galindo Noëmie Cicurel and Vanessa Sproedt-Graef from Robert Half explore why soft skills often associated with women are becoming pivotal to modern leadership. How to Manage a Remote Team — Especially if You Never Have As ever more employees around the world who have rarely — if ever — worked remotely find themselves logging on from home managers face a daunting challenge in helping their teams maintain effectiveness while adapting to an unfamiliar work arrangement. It’s not easy. Fortunately the following strategies can help you manage a dispersed team and keep everyone feeling productive and connected.