As a freelancer or interim manager, you may face many uncertainties. One of these is concern about being paid on time for the work you have delivered and invoiced. According to a recent survey, a worrying 40% of interim managers’ or freelancers’ invoices are paid late by their clients, or not paid at all. Undeniably, this is a great source of stress and frustration. Want to avoid this unnecessary stress and wasted effort? Team up with a service provider such as Robert Half for your next project.  
At Robert Half, you work under a contract with us, not directly with the final customer or the client who sends you assignments. This means that you send your monthly invoices to us, and we ensure they are paid immediately. So there's no hassle or stress, just peace of mind. This system offers several significant advantages: Financial stability: you can count on being paid on time every month, which leaves you free to concentrate on your project without worrying about your cash flow. No stress about chasing up invoices: Robert Half takes on the entire responsibility for following up payments. We make sure the client pays, so you don’t have to worry about it. Professional support: our administrative and financial teams, along with your contact person on your project, take care of everything.  Efficiency and saved time: leaving the paperwork involved in contracts, invoicing and follow-up to us gives you more time to do what you’re good at – serving your clients with your expertise.
For many interim managers, the uncertainty surrounding payments is a significant obstacle. Not getting paid on time can lead to financial problems and even influence your professional relationships with your clients. Working with Robert Half lets you leave these worries behind. We have the resources and expertise to ensure you get what you are entitled to, when you are entitled to it. Besides financial security, Robert Half offers access to a wide network of potential clients. We match your skills and expertise to the right projects and companies so that you can continue developing your career without constantly worrying about getting paid.
Download the report on interim management and discover the profile of a Belgian interim manager, the must-have skills and expertise for interim managers, and the current trends in interim management.