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“What are your career goals?”: 5 questions to help you answer Many struggle to answer the question, "What are your career goals?" However, establishing clear career goals is highly effective in dispelling uncertainties about your career. In this article, we'll explore five questions designed to help you pinpoint your career goals. Why work in Finance? Roles, responsibilities, and skills explained Finance involves more than just managing complex numbers and calculations. It plays a crucial role in the management of a business and significantly influences the future of a company. In this article, we'll unpack the ins and outs of finance, exploring the difference between accounting, diving into job satisfaction, necessary skills, and its pivotal role in business growth. Pride Month Roundtable: DEI through an LGBTQ+ lens Pride Month offers the opportunity to celebrate employees and the commitment to equality within the workplace. Here, Garry Reynolds, Andreas L. Niehaus and Remi Gay examine how to improve the LGBTQ+ experience at work. Mastering LinkedIn: A comprehensive guide to building an effective profile LinkedIn has become a key platform for career advancement and networking. This article provides basics on using LinkedIn, creating an effective profile, and essential networking tips. 5 essential tips for working moms on the job search (with insights from a working mom recruiter) In recent years, more and more mothers are juggling career and parenting responsibilities. Discover insightful tips for working mothers in Japan navigating career transitions and advancements. Learn from practical advice shared by Jayvie Silang, a Recruiting Associate Director and a working mother herself. Career development Career development isn’t achieved overnight, rather, it’s a work in progress; something you work on throughout your professional life, with no perfect, singular path to be followed. How to prepare a speech in English With a bit of preparation, even if it isn’t your first language, it is possible to give an English speech confidently. Strategic guide to successfully increase your income Are you looking to boost your income but unsure where to begin? Many individuals share this concern, especially in the current economic landscape characterized by stagnant wages and rising prices. In this article, we delve into the specifics of the salary situation in Japan and offer practical strategies to help you enhance your income. 5 Strategies for improving mental health at work Mental health in the workplace significantly affects employee productivity and satisfaction. In this article, we provide practical tips for fostering a safer and more supportive work environment. Why is leadership training important? Explore the significance of leadership training in today's fast-paced business world. Discover how organizations are investing in programs to cultivate effective leaders.