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2024 Salary Guide Access Robert Half’s 2024 Japan salary guide, including salary range data, perks and benefits, hiring trends and average salaries in Japan, with a focus on corporate culture. Hiring help Landing a job How to prepare a speech in English With a bit of preparation, even if it isn’t your first language, it is possible to give an English speech confidently. How to write a resume in English Bilingual soft skills are increasing in demand in Japan. Learn how to prepare your resume in English. Interview flow and techniques Learn how to set a job interview flow and the techniques to structure and interview. What does a security engineer do? Dive into the world of security engineering as we explore their crucial roles, salary trends, essential skills, and promising career paths for professionals in this rapidly evolving field. Are you addicted to social media in your workplace? Are you losing sleep over likes? You might be the latest victim of social media addiction. Learn how to prevent it. What programming language is best for your career? With so many different programming languages in existence, it pays to find out specifically what type of expertise businesses and recruiters are looking for. Japan's Top 5 in-demand IT jobs As DX is being promoted, securing IT talent has become a pressing issue for companies in Japan. In this blog, we introduce five IT occupations that are particularly in demand in today's job market. What not to include in your letter of resignation Putting together your letter of resignation? Here are 5 things you should consider not including before you start writing. Telecommuting 101: 7 tips for remaining productive when working from home Find out why working from home requires some discipline to stay motivated in your role.
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