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Robert Half is a leader in tech & IT staffing in Canada. Whether you are looking to expand your team with new skills related to AI, or land your next role as a software developer, data analyst or IT support specialist, our expert team of technology recruiters are here to help.

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As a top IT recruitment agency in Canada, we place hundreds of specialized tech roles every year across the country, from Vancouver to Toronto.

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Software & Applications Whether you need highly trained engineers to test and deploy software or developers to build applications from the user interface to the server-side, our IT recruitment agency is ready to help you find talent in Canada.
IT Operations As one of Canada's leading recruitment agencies for hiring IT talent, we can help you find desktop support to resolve technical challenges or help desk experts to serve as the first point of contact for troubleshooting.
Networking & Infrastructure Need to hire IT infrastructure experts to support both hardware and software resources or searching for talent who can set-up network devices and protocols? Our local team of IT hiring experts are ready to support you.
Security Your company's infrastructure deserves the best IT security talent to run threat assessments and establish cyber-defences against digital threats. Contact us for a hiring solution.
Data Analysis & Design As an ever-growing specialisation within technology, data continues to be a demanding field to find qualified talent. Our IT recruitment agency can help you hire the best data talent in Canada to support your organisation.
Technology Governance If your company requires technical specialists who can establish policies, procedures and frameworks that oversee the impact of technology within your company, then contact Robert Half today.

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Achieve your business goals, from strategy and implementation to technology operations, by leveraging the powerful combination of services from Protiviti, our global consulting subsidiary, and top tech talent from Robert Half's network. Quickly put critical technologies and processes into practice Adaptable delivery teams that adapt to your needs at every stage Build a future-forward technology workforce

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If you are looking to grow your career in the technology space, look no further than Robert Half. As a leading tech & IT recruitment agency, we can help you seek opportunities in software & applications, IT operations, data analysis or cyber-security across Canada.

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Software & Applications Whether you're an experienced software engineer, an application developer or a quality assurance analyst, our IT recruitment agency is ready to help you find fulfilling opportunities in Canada. Connect with us today.
IT Operations As one of Canada’s leading IT recruitment agencies, we can help you find roles in desktop support or help desk where you will support troubleshooting and maintenance issues. Connect with us today.
Networking & Infrastructure Our tech teams are well versed in finding opportunities for IT infrastructure experts, whether you specialize in systems administration, network or cloud engineering, or ERP integration among other areas. Connect with us today.
Security Companies across Canada are increasingly aware of the need to protect their IT infrastructure. If you specialize in threat assessments or establishing cyber-defenses against digital threats, contact our recruiters today.
Data Analysis & Design As an ever-growing specialization within technology, demand for quality candidates in data continues to increase. Our IT recruitment agency can help you find a great opportunity in Canada as a data analyst, scientist, or engineer.
Technology Governance Technology governance is a highly specialized field that requires the ability to establish policies, procedures and frameworks that oversee the impact of technology within a company. If you possess this expertise, contact our team today to find an IT governance role that fits you.

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