Create more meaningful connections that bring your brand promise to life.
Execute your digital, marketing or creative strategy or implement a project end-to-end using innovative technologies, processes and skilled resources.
Personalize customer conversations across all interactions and channels with unifying technologies and run campaigns and operations seamlessly.
Leverage Protiviti’s experienced digital consultants and Robert Half’s global network of marketing and creative talent and quickly scale project teams up or down as needs dictate.
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Talent-driven solution We recruited professionals to conduct a market analysis, develop messaging and value propositions, and assist with a sales funnel strategy and validating insights. Quick-turn launch Protiviti helped a global software client conduct a competitive landscape analysis and develop a marketing strategy in 12 months to launch a product in response to a competitor’s acquisition.
Scalable talent Protiviti provided a service delivery manager with web implementation experience to work with in-house managers to curate, onboard, manage and retain a team of digital professionals. Digital resources and support After several mergers, a private research university turned to Protiviti for scalable talent to address skill gaps and volume surges across multiple workstreams during a large-scale website implementation.
Cloud-based solution Protiviti developed a scalable mobile application leveraging assets and a smart contract blockchain database in the Azure environment. Improved transparency Protiviti helped a global food and beverage company implement a distributed ledger and smart contracts to record the sourcing and handling of its ingredients through the supply chain.
Data-driven approach Developed process and data-mining models to eliminate order bottlenecks and a customer experience dashboard for detailed process analysis. Analytics-centric solutions Protiviti helped the largest U.S. cosmetic products manufacturer develop analytics capabilities to review the order-to-cash process, and identify and improve cycle times, lead times, and on-time and in-full delivery.
Intelligent mining tools Protiviti used AI and machine learning to extract and analyze 100,000+ customer Instagram chats and identify key issues across 34 categories. Digital insights for endless possibilities Protiviti helped a luxury apparel company analyze customer sentiments and create a process to categorize issues so the concerns could be easily addressed to improve customer satisfaction.
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