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Fit for AI - How to train your staff on how to use AI Learn more about how companies can train their employees and educate them about how to use AI. The high cost of low salaries: why paying a competitive salary is important Paying a competitive salary is crucial for companies wishing to recruit and retain top talent. How to create a wage budget for employees Discover our top tips on how to create a wages budget to attract and retain quality people. Can you negotiate your salary after accepting a job offer? Can you negotiate your salary after accepting a job offer? Learn how to bring up the salary question again with the hiring manager. 7 must-have administrative skills you need to up your game What skills make an effective administrator? Here are seven administrative skills that every admin professional should include in their resume. 6 things that should be on every new CEO checklist Robert Half Managing Directors of Executive Search review the top 6 things that should be on every new CEO’s checklist. How to ask about the salary in a job interview Learn how to ask and have a discussion about the salary in a job interview. How to put together a business case for a new hire (template provided) It’s one thing to ask for new employees but, it’s another thing to build a business case for a new hire. Join us as we unpack how to justify hiring a new employee. Explore how to present a compelling proposition to the key decision makers – one that addresses business needs and goals, while boosting your chances of approval. How to negotiate a higher salary offer via email (sample included) This blog explores how to negotiate a salary offer via email along with a tried and tested sample to help increase your chances of a desirable outcome. Case Studies Discover how industry leaders have partnered with Robert Half and Protiviti to drive business success, with real-life examples and case studies.

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