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How does inflation affect employees​’​ salaries? With the cost of living increasing month on month, you may be questioning how inflation affects employees? This blog will explore the impact of inflation on employees salaries and how to discuss this with your employer. 5 skills to shape modern leadership styles in the changing world Gone are the days of top-down, strictly command and control – or transactional – leadership styles. Modern leadership styles in the changing world are essential to successful businesses, see the skills necessary to adapt to today's landscape. How leaders should keep up with tech trends Talent acquisition vs recruitment: which is the career for you? Take a look at talent acquisition vs recruitment, and shine a light on the responsibilities, skills, and opportunities associated with each role. What skills do you need to be a Recruitment Consultant? Are you wondering: what skills do I need to be a recruitment consultant? From communication to versatility, find out what it takes to be a successful recruiter. Embracing Digital Disruption in HR: Strategies for Success Digital disruption is transforming the HR function, offering new opportunities to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and employee experience. This blog post will discuss tips and challenges to ensure that your HR function is well-positioned to embrace digital transformation. How to connect with colleagues when working from home Discover the winning strategies to connect with colleagues when working from home and strengthen your team cohesion and comradery in the remote age. How to justify hiring a new employee It’s one thing to ask for new employees but, it’s another thing to build a solid business case for it. Join us as we unpack how to justify hiring a new employee. Explore how to present a compelling proposition to the key decision makers – one that addresses business needs and goals, while boosting your chances of approval. The 6 technical skills in finance needed to progress to CFO With the business landscape shifting rapidly, aspiring CFOs must acknowledge what technical skills in finance will help them to succeed now and in the future. Explore intriguing expert insights that are indispensable for every aspiring CFO. How to navigate more responsibility at work on the same pay Been tasked with more responsibility at work on same pay in Australia? Here's your five-step plan to ask for a pay rise.