Flexible working

Keep up with the latest hybrid and flexible work trends and find ways to stay connected and productive in the work-from-anywhere world.

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Advantages of flexible working for your employees

Flexible working is the business benefit at the top of almost every employee’s wish list. But what makes it so popular and are there any real benefits to be gained? Here are 5 benefits of working flexibly and the impact they could have on your workforce, team productivity and company morale.

How to manage a hybrid team: 5 actionable tips from leadership expert

We asked Matt Duncan, Business Performance Improvement Leader at Protiviti to share his expert insight on how to manage a hybrid team. He covers 'what is hybrid working in the UK', how it's evolving, and how to pivot your leadership style.

Adapting your skills for the future workplace

What will the future workplace look like? We asked a panel of experts how professionals can best prepare for the opportunities and challenges ahead. Is your skill set honed for the new future of work? Find out how to adapt to meet the needs and opportunities of the evolving job market.

How adapting to change can increase job opportunity

Dealing with change is one of the biggest challenges facing candidates today. Our panel of experts share insights on how to adapt quickly. Reach the widest spectrum of opportunity in your job search by learning how to recognise the change curve.

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