Adaptive Working

Keep up with the latest workforce trends and find ways to stay connected and productive in the work-from-anywhere world.

Solving Unintended Challenges of a Flexible Workforce    [00:06]:  Remote. Hybrid. On-site or off. The widespread moves to let employees choose when, where and how they work best … is working.   [00:14]:  Not only have businesses reported gains in retention, staff morale, work-life balance and better candidate choices. Employees empowered with flexible work have noted greater or similar job satisfaction — even when clocking more hours.  [00:29]:  But dig deeper, and you may see some issues breaking through your flexible work foundation.  [00:34]:  You wouldn’t be the only one. In an early-2023 survey, hiring managers noted concerns with ensuring growth opportunities and improving collaboration and productivity.  So how can you fill these cracks before they become chasms?   [00:47]:  First, let’s look at the potential disconnect between employers and employees when it comes to on-site vs. remote workers. Is there equal opportunity for advancement? More than 8 of 10 hiring managers think so.  [01:00]:  On the flip side, a significant percentage of employees expressed concern about potential for career advancement. It’s a challenge that puts employee retention at risk.  [01:10]:  To combat this, hiring managers recommended that workers prioritize regular conversations with their bosses about what promotions or project assignments may be possible — and what type of career path they want.  [01:21]:  Then there’s the collaboration challenge. Some remote employees are happy to clock more hours — but what if a short- or longer-term return to the office is needed?  [01:30]:  Many companies are working harder to make a trip to the office much more than it used to be.  Strategies include free meals and commuter benefits. Prioritizing one-on-one talks while on-site. Even wrapping in-office work around larger meetings, brainstorm sessions, team celebrations or social events.    [01:48]:  Remote. Hybrid. On-site or off. Use these tips to help ensure your employees — no matter where or how they work — feel valued and remain ready and willing to contribute.  [01:58]:  Get the data and insights that can drive your hiring or career to new heights with the Salary Guide From Robert Half. 

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