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What’s Motivating the Gen Z Workforce?   [00:06]:  In a Robert Half report examining multigenerational workforces, most baby boomers, Gen Xers and millennials noted competitive salaries and raises as the biggest reason to stay put.    [00:18]:  Not Gen Z though. Only 36% cited money as their biggest motivator.  [00:23]:  So what gets Gen Z out of bed in the morning then? Turns out, a positive work culture and flexibility in when and where they work both do more to motivate them than salary.    [00:32]:  So how can you turn these numbers into a competitive advantage for recruiting or retaining Gen Z workers and others who have the same priorities?  [00:41]:  First, provide in-demand benefits and perks, and clearly communicate the value of the total compensation packages you provide — beyond just salary.  [00:49]:  Next, consider offering flexible work options if your company doesn’t already. And make sure you highlight them in the interview process.  [00:57]:  For more salary and hiring insights, visit the Robert Half blog.

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