Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Learn how companies and employees can build an inclusive corporate culture that makes a difference inside and outside the workplace.

How DEI can be Your Roadmap to Better Recruiting and Retention [00:06]: The numbers prove it. Companies that support diversity, equity and inclusion in their workforce are more likely to outperform their competitors. [00:14]: The Salary Guide From Robert Half reveals that 80% of executives in the U.S. said investing in DEI initiatives leads to tangible business enhancements. What’s more, the same percentage of workers said DEI efforts are a big factor when deciding to work for a company. [00:30]: But how can you broaden the wide-ranging, positive impact of your company’s DEI efforts? Here are five strategies that any-size company should consider. [00:40]: First, look to work together with associations, alliances, affiliations, colleges and job boards to promote workplace inclusion and belonging. [00:48]: Second, optimize those relationships. Continue to network with these organizations through social media to help establish collaborative DEI hiring and retention initiatives. Often times, the same associations provide ample resources for ongoing learning and education that you can use to enhance your own learning programs, hiring strategies. [01:08]: Next, make representation a priority when recruiting. This will not only increase how many talented candidates you reach but also demonstrate how much your company values DEI. [01:21]: Finally, identify DEI successes and opportunities within hiring processes and internal talent management. The more you document and discuss your successes and improvement opportunities, the better — and faster — you reap the benefits. [01:19]: Used together, these strategies can help your company build a more inclusive, successful tomorrow. [01:39]: For more insights, visit the Robert Half blog.

Explore how DEI can fuel success for your business

Discover why companies that foster a sense of belonging throughout their workforce are better positioned to attract and retain talent.

Is DEI at the heart of your hiring strategy?

Learn why potential employees are no longer saying “It’s just a job.” Explore the three true pillars of DEI and why hiring strategies can’t thrive without them.

Supplier inclusion

Supplier inclusion at Robert Half is a corporatewide initiative. It promotes the growth and development of small and/or diverse, women, veteran, service-disabled veteran, LGBTQ+ owned businesses, and business owners with apparent and nonapparent disabilities. Access competitive pay, benefits and free online training and development.


Robert Half has forged alliances with a range of organizations that support the needs and interests of diverse groups. Through collaboration we can enhance workforce and community development, including providing networking, recruiting, community engagement and professional development opportunities to our employees.

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