With hybrid work arrangements increasingly common, challenges and risks persist along with the advantages. One of the key risks involves organizational culture. Getting hybrid work right can enhance the workplace culture, but missteps threaten to damage it. Managers must learn how to avoid perceived inequities, the breakdown of camaraderie and a loss of trust that can appear when team members split their time between office and home.

A positive organizational culture for all helps your employees look forward to interacting with their colleagues each day, no matter where they work. And in the midst of a talent shortage, the nature of the prevailing company culture can mean the difference between retaining your top performers and watching them walk out the door.

Many firms seem to be getting that. Nearly half (49%) of HR leaders in a Robert Half and Workplace Intelligence survey said enhancing corporate culture is one of their hybrid workplace priorities for this year.

Here are five tips that can help you foster a strong organizational culture in a hybrid work environment.