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How To Write a Job Description That Lands the Best Hire  Eric Olson, district president, Robert Half [00:03]:  When you’re writing a job description, it’s very easy to default to what the job is doing.  [00:10]:  But what you really want to do is focus on what you can do with the information or the job that you're performing.  [00:16]:  So, in accounting, you might be closing the books, reconciling the ledgers. That sounds very normal.  [00:24]:  But saying I need you to be my business partner, I need you to take this information and make better decisions, I need you to guide us, those kinds of activities, those forward-thinking aspects of the role is really what’s going to excite somebody about a job description.  

15 things you absolutely must ask potential hires

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"Why do you want to work here?” Here’s how to respond.

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