By Stephanie Naznitsky, Executive Director, Robert Half Administrative and Customer Support

One of your most effective actions as a business leader is to offer praise and recognition to your administrative professionals. Whether you work in an in-person or virtual setting, you should acknowledge good work, authentically and often.

I’ve learned that praising your employees is essential, because it helps create a culture of appreciation within your organization. By genuinely recognizing your staff, for everything from how their enthusiasm affects morale to how their completed tasks benefit the goals and strategies of the department, you’re building a positive work environment.

The power of praise lies in not just saying, “You did a great job.” People remember stories the best, and when I think of what resonates most when I give positive reinforcements, it’s when I share how their attitude or actions have impacted other people or processes — and impact the success of the company.

How to offer employee praise and recognition

First of all, acknowledgment must be meaningful. During some of the most challenging times of the pandemic, my executive assistant kept us focused on the tasks at hand and helped to boost overall team morale, which resulted in long-term achievements. She brought that silver lining, and for that I couldn’t praise her enough — from the heart.

Here are some tips that will help you demonstrate your employee appreciation, whether you’re delivering it in person, in a video call, by email or with a handwritten note:

  • Make it personal by thanking your team member, and be intentional.
  • Be specific with tangible examples of their work product or behavior.
  • Give your compliment in a timely way to be most effective.
  • Be consistent with this communication rather than saving it for the annual review.
  • Share their successes with others in your team, other departments and leaders in the company.

What is the power of praise?

The empathy, versatility and problem-solving skills your administrative professionals show every day make them essential to your team and the organization. Bottom line: Your expression of gratitude is an investment that can help you retain valuable workers and strengthen your corporate culture.

Skilled support staff can make tasks and efficiency look effortless, and consequently, their hard work needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. Administrative Professionals Week can be a great time to show your genuine appreciation for their many contributions.

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