Making Interview Mistakes Sucks, But Here's How You Can Recover

Made a mistake during an interview and think you're done for? You may still be able to turn things around by following these tips. 

Job interviews make all of us nervous. Sometimes interview mistakes are unavoidable. For example, if you're late because there's a traffic accident. In that case, hiring managers are usually pretty understanding if you call to explain you'll be tardy and seem very apologetic when you arrive. Other times, you may experience awkward interview moments (like the ones in the slideshow below) because you just didn't prepare well.

Proper preparation is always the key for interviews. However, what if you do your homework and still make a blunder? Interview mistakes are no doubt embarrassing, but luckily they don't always take you out of the running for a job.  

Here are 6 tips for recovering from interview mistakes:

1. Pause. Collect yourself and remember that everyone makes mistakes. Your ability to recover may just impress the employer.

2. Let it go. Yes, follow the advice of that annoyingly popular song from the movie "Frozen." By dwelling on it, you draw more attention to your mistake. Instead, focus on putting your best foot forward during the remainder of the meeting. If it's a silly goof, like spilling your coffee, you may even be able to have a good laugh about it. 

3. Stay upbeat. Even if you get the impression the interview isn’t going well, try to remain optimistic. Look for an opportunity to demonstrate any additional knowledge about the company you gathered from your research.  

4. Focus on what you have to offer. Get back on track by emphasizing the skills and experience you have and how they will benefit the company.

5. End on a positive note. Always send a thank-you note after the interview. It’s another opportunity to make your case to be hired. And if you botched one of your responses during the meeting, the follow-up note is a good place to revisit or clarify your answers, if you didn't already make adjustments before leaving the interview.

6. Don’t jump to conclusions. You may think a mistake just cost you the job, but the hiring manager might not feel the same way. We're always the harshest critics of our own performances.

Have you ever committed an interview blooper and still landed the job? Tell us your story below!

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