Full-Time Engagement Professionals

Project continuity and peace of mind

The last thing you need on a critical project is staff turnover. Robert Half’s full-time engagement professionals are long-term, dedicated contract professionals who can help you when project continuity is essential.

Ours is an innovative talent solution where we place our full-time engagement professionals with your company. Because these professionals are Robert Half employees, you also have the option to call on the same person again and again for recurring work.

Robert Half full-time engagement professionals are highly skilled professionals with deep, diverse experience. Over the course of their careers, they’ve tackled challenging and complex assignments for companies of various sizes, in a wide range of industries. They thrive on the change that project work provides. And they’re able to immediately mesh with your team and get to work.

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When to use our full-time engagement professionals

You need highly skilled specialists to step in and start contributing from Day One, yet you don’t want the long-term costs and commitment that come with a permanent hire. That's when Robert Half’s full-time engagement professionals can provide the most value. These professionals are ideal for:

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Recurring and cyclical projects

Help maximize productivity by working with the same full-time engagement professional on recurring projects, like quarterly closings and year-end reconciliations. Enjoy the predictability and short learning curve of working with skilled contract professionals you already know and have seen on the job.

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Stop-gap staffing

Have a critical vacancy on your team but no time to invest in hiring? Bring in a full-time engagement professional who can help as long as necessary and then assist the person you eventually hire in getting up to speed. Enjoy minimal downtime.

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Guaranteed project continuity

For long-term projects, you can’t afford turnover in critical roles. Robert Half full-time engagement professionals can stay until completion and transition any ongoing responsibilities to your staff, helping with business continuity.

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Extended leaves

Get uninterrupted coverage for key personnel on assignment, parental leave, medical leave or sabbatical. We can send a full-time engagement professional with the skill set and experience required for the role.

Who are Robert Half full-time engagement professionals?

Full-time engagement professionals have chosen a career path that allows them to experience a variety of projects, workplaces and industries. They’re excited by assignments that stretch their skills and present them with new challenges.

As full-time Robert Half employees, these professionals receive a competitive salary and benefits package. That means the work they do for your company is not something to keep them occupied while searching for a permanent job. Full-time engagement professionals are fully invested in the outcome of your project. And when the assignment is over, they’ll seamlessly transition the role to your returning employee, existing team or new hire.

The benefits of using our full-time engagement professionals

Robert Half’s full-time engagement professionals are an unrivaled staffing solution that offers tremendous value.

Cost savings

For long-term projects, you can’t afford any interruptions in staffing. A Robert Half full-time engagement professional is a much more effective solution — in terms of both money and time — than having to replace someone, even once. Full-time engagement professionals also help you reduce overtime expenses and the fixed cost of increased permanent headcount.

Diverse skills

Because of their broad experience, our professionals have diverse talents and abilities in multiple areas. All of our full-time engagement professionals have been evaluated so we can see that they have the skill sets requested by our clients.

Deep candidate pool

We constantly field referrals from our contract and permanent recruiting divisions for people who could become full-time engagement professionals. We also custom recruit according to clients’ specific requirements.

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