5 Things That Might Surprise You About Being a Finance Consultant

By Robert Half on May 5, 2014 at 7:00am

Have you toyed with entering the world of finance consulting but are unsure whether it offers the benefits you are looking for in a job? It certainly can be a major career change for many accounting and finance professionals. However, most of those changes are good, even great.

Let's look at five of the perks of being a finance consultant, based on insights from our Robert Half Management Resources teams that just might make you ready to dive in.

1. Hello, flexibility

Work-life balance can be easily attained when working as a project professional. Since you are a preferred solution for a client, you can often set your schedule. You are able to choose projects that suit your lifestyle needs whether you want to work more or fewer hours.

2. Don’t worry, be happy

Mergers and acquisitions, stock prices, and layoffs are obvious concerns for any employee. If these issues arise on a project and begin to worry you, you can ask to be placed on another assignment. The ball is in your court.

3. Fresh perspectives welcome

As a consultant, you are in a unique position with every engagement to leverage your depth of experience and help clients see alternative perspectives. “That’s the way we’ve always done it” is no longer an acceptable answer with your ability to compare strategies and solutions with each new project.

4. Make a connection

Whether a consulting opportunity lasts weeks, months or years, you will certainly meet people who will want to stay in touch after your assignment ends. The growth of your professional network has endless possibilities.

5. You are in demand

Bringing in highly skilled professionals in accounting, finance and business systems on a project basis is popular with companies of all sizes. If you possess a diversified skill set, you won’t be disappointed at the variety and scale of project work. In some cases, you may actually make more money as a consultant than you did in your full-time job.

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