Why is it meaningful to you that Robert Half supports our communities through mentorship?

Mentoring provides valuable opportunities for our experienced professionals to share their career readiness knowledge and experience in areas such as resume and interview tips, personal branding and salary negotiation.

We asked some of our mentors to answer the following question: “Why is it meaningful to you that Robert Half supports our communities through mentorship?” From providing fair opportunities to delving into what makes leaders successful in their roles, here’s what they shared:

Shared knowledge elevates everyone

“We must share knowledge to elevate everyone and provide fair opportunities to all. Hosting, supporting, and taking part in mentoring events for our community provides more opportunities for everyone.

Mentorship fosters meaningful relationships where trust and vulnerability can lead to life-changing outcomes, whether that’s through feedback on resumes, introductions to hiring managers, or tips on how to interview better.

I want to continue to be a part of the evolution in our workforce, where gatekeeping is a thing of the past and more people can successfully have the career they’ve always wanted.”

Meaghan O’Brien, talent manager, San Francisco, Calif.

Provides positive change to my candidates

“One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a recruiter is providing a positive change in the lives and careers of my candidates. While many recruiters focus only on placing candidates with the required skills, my genuine success lies in my ability to seek individuals who are well-suited to a company’s culture.

Experience is important, but work ethic and personality traits are often the best predictors of a candidate’s ability to align with the company’s mission and contribute positively to the organization.

I enjoy getting involved with the community, and it’s beneficial for the community to know about Robert Half’s services and the value of our organization.”

Merry Cariaga, vice president, San Francisco, Calif.

Mentorship creates a sense of purpose

“There are so many reasons I love that Robert Half supports our community through mentorship. It promotes personal and professional development for both parties and encourages learning new strategies and approaches within the workplace.

Mentorship provides so many benefits to not only the mentee but the mentor as well. It creates a sense of purpose and the ability to positively influence someone’s professional development.”

Mallory Feeney, talent manager and assistant vice president, San Diego, Calif.

Experience full-circle mentorship

“Robert Half supports and encourages mentorship throughout the organization. Through our mentorship programs, we connect people leaders with other leaders around the world that can help provide perspective and thought-provoking conversation and delve into what makes leaders successful in their roles.

I had the privilege of being mentored through this program during my first year at Robert Half and am thrilled now to return to the program as a mentor. These connections make our leaders feel supported, nurtured, and equipped to manage successful teams. I couldn’t be happier to continue being a part of this program!”

Anna Bucheger, operational support supervisor, Minneapolis, Minn.

Robert Half mentors (top row, from left): Mallory Feeney and Meaghan O'Brien (bottom row, from left): Merry Cariaga and Anna Bucheger.

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