The Surprising Truth About Employee Recognition

employee recognition infographic_trophy

Think your company's stellar at acknowledging staff for their contributions? After reading this, you may want to re-evaluate your employee recognition efforts.

In an OfficeTeam survey, nearly nine in 10 (89 percent) senior managers said their company is effective at recognizing employees. But not all workers agreed: Three in 10 (30 percent) felt their firm isn't good at showing staff appreciation.  

If you're one of those organizations that employees say is faltering in the recognition department, you may want to shape up. More than half of workers polled by OfficeTeam said it was at least somewhat likely they would leave their jobs if they didn't feel appreciated!

Finding good employees these days can be challenging, so successful companies know that keeping their best talent is a huge priority. Regularly praising your staff for a job well-done can do wonders in terms of employee morale and retention. The forms of recognition you use don't have to be particularly fancy, either. Sure, a spot bonus or team banquet are nice, but don't discount the value of smaller gestures like a handwritten thank-you card or cupcakes.

Check out the slideshow above or infographic below for other employee recognition strategies and stats.

Is your company effective with employee recognition? What does your organization do to acknowledge its workers?

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