Salary Scoop: Office/Facilities Manager

Sometimes referred to as a Jack-of-all-trades, the office manager (also known in some companies as the facilities manager), is responsible for a variety of duties, such as coordinating various office support services, purchasing, vendor management and building administration. Learn more about this interesting job!

With varied responsibilities, an office manager’s day is not routine, which can make the job exciting and rewarding.

This position is suited to an individual who is organized, possesses strong communication skills and is an effective multitasker. Does that describe you? If so, check out the criteria below and determine if the office manager career path is the route for you.

Salary Range

Among the professions in the administrative field, the office manager position has experienced one of the highest salary increases from last year (up 4%). Presented in the OfficeTeam 2014 Salary Guide, the office/facilities manager’s starting salary range is from $37,250 to $48,000, while a senior office/facilities manager’s salary ranges from $44,250 to $59,000.

Job Description

One-third the office go-to and SME (subject matter expert), one-third traffic controller and one-third communications/relations manager, the office/facilities manager’s job duties may include but are not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Oversee office support services and staff (e.g., office administrative, mailroom and/or maintenance)
  • Monitor inventory and manage procurement of office supplies
  • Handle general human resources (HR) responsibilities
  • Take care of facilities requests
  • Perform periodic building inspections to identify necessary repairs
  • Coordinate ergonomic training for all employees
  • Take on special administrative office projects as needed

Must-Have Skills

The modern-day office has become demanding, requiring more efficiency in processes and effectiveness in communication and solutions. In an effort to stay on top of these demands, the following is a list of a few skills employers are looking for in today’s office/facilities manager:

  • Demonstrate leadership traits and professionalism to deal with all levels of management and other employees
  • Ability to analyze and resolve problems as well as identify potential issues and prevent them
  • Outstanding attention to detail and verbal/written communication skills
  • Tech-savvy and competent in various office systems supporting communications, records management, finance, HR, mail processing and other business operations
  • Basic project management knowledge
  • Exceptional client service skills

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Are you presently an office or facilities manager who can add additional input to the job as described here? Or, are you an administrative professional who is thinking of this career path? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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