Renewing Your Motivation at Work

Do you arrive at the office each day eager for the challenges ahead or is your motivation at work lacking? If your job brings to mind the repetitive nature of Groundhog Day, it’s time to shake things up and find new inspiration. With all the hours you spend at the office, why not do what you can to make them enjoyable?

If you’re in a rut with your job or you’ve gone through a setback, it can be hard to know how to keep up your motivation at work. Here are five tips that can help:

Motivation tip #1: Talk to positive people

A great way to keep your professional drive alive is to touch base with upbeat coworkers, mentors and others who know you well. Let them know about any obstacles with your work and ask for ideas for overcoming them. They may bring a fresh perspective to situations.

Motivation tip #2: Take your breaks

It’s easy to lose inspiration and feel tired if you’re working nonstop. Small actions like taking your lunch break and using your vacation days can help you recharge.

Motivation tip #3: Get out there

Another strategy to add to your “how to stay motivated” arsenal is becoming more active in professional associations. I recently did this myself and I’m glad I did. Learning about new developments in the administrative field and talking to others doing similar jobs can reignite the passion you once had for your work.

Motivation tip #4: Change what you can

Volunteering for new responsibilities can be a great way to gain inspiration. It’s hard to feel bored if you’re putting your skills to the test in different ways. Most managers will welcome the initiative in asking for new assignments.

Motivation tip #5: Keep a 'good news' folder

Any time you receive an email praising your work, print it out and put it in a folder. You can refer back to this folder for a morale boost when you’re having a bad day.

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