Trends in Perks and Benefits

2022 Salary Guide

Benefits and perks can be just as important as salary when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. Here’s what firms are offering — and what workers want most.

Benefits: supply vs. demand

Benefits most offered by employers:

  • Health insurance64%

  • Paid time off47%

  • Retirement savings plan46%

  • Life and AD&D insurance45%

Benefits most wanted by employees:

  • Health insurance76%

  • Paid time off57%

  • Retirement savings plan51%

  • Dental insurance26%

Which perks are popular right now?

Perks most wanted by employees

  • Flexible work schedules66%

  • Remote work options56%

  • Employee discounts37%

  • Paid parental leave27%

Perks most offered by employers

  • Flexible work schedules47%

  • Remote work options37%

  • Employee discounts32%

  • Paid parental leave37%

Post-pandemic work-life balance perks

Employees want most

  • Flextime53%

  • Remote work options48%

  • Compressed workweek37%

  • Permanent part-time arrangements32%

Companies will offer

  • Flextime66%

  • Remote work options76%

  • Compressed workweek64%

  • Permanent part-time arrangement58%

Remote work preference

3 days

Average number of days per week employees prefer to work remotely

of HR managers have added new perks as a result of the pandemic.

Broadening perk offerings

These include:

Wellness programs

Mental health resources

Stipends for home office equipment

Additional paid family leave

Childcare assistance

Wellness benefits

Companies offering them

  • Physical wellness benefits (e.g., gym memberships)94%

  • Mental wellness benefits (e.g., stress-reduction programs)90%

  • Financial wellness benefits (e.g., retirement planning)89%

Employees using them

  • Physical wellness benefits (e.g., gym memberships)38%

  • Mental wellness benefits (e.g., stress-reduction programs)32%

  • Financial wellness benefits (e.g., retirement planning)58%


Data referenced in this Salary Guide is based on online surveys developed by Robert Half and conducted by independent research firms. Respondents included executives, senior managers and employees from small (20-249 employees), medium (250-499) and large (500+ employees) private, publicly listed and public sector organizations across the United States.

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