Creative Employee Recognition Ideas

Employee recognition is more than just a trendy buzzword. It can have a significant impact on your organization. Two out of three employees say they would leave their current job if they didn’t feel appreciated by their manager. The strategy for increasing employee engagement, boosting morale and improving retention is simple. Give your high achievers the recognition they deserve, and they’re more likely to be productive — and to stay at your company.

Establishing an employee rewards program that’s aligned to your company’s corporate culture doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Check out the resources below for the best staff incentives and other inspiring ideas for rewarding your team.

20 tips to recognize your employees while working remotely

20 easy recognition tips to help employees work happy

From hosting virtual celebrations with your employees to providing tuition assistance for continuing education, this at-a-glance recognition guide offers ideas to help you show your remote staff how much you value them.

Employee recognition: Everyone gains

Employee recognition goes a long way toward improving retention. Beyond making your team members feel good, showing your appreciation for your staff’s hard work also results in greater productivity, energizes innovative thinking and instills a stronger sense of loyalty.

Workers benefit from employee recognition:

  • Increased motivation — When staff members know they’ll be rewarded for their performance, they’ll show more enthusiasm and take more initiative.
  • A pat on the back from coworkers — When employees find out about a colleague’s wins, they’ll offer their own congratulations. That’s something everyone welcomes.
  • Deeper involvement with the company — Recognition programs foster a deeper connection with the company. Going in to work becomes more than just doing a job and receiving a paycheck. Employees will see that their contributions really matter and make a difference.

Your business benefits from employee recognition:

  • Creates a positive company culture — When a staff member shines and is rewarded, others will follow their example in hopes of being rewarded too.
  • Reduces stress — Employees who are focused on doing a great job and less focused on avoiding problems won’t feel overwhelmed about their responsibilities.
  • Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty — Customers enjoy doing business with a company that has eager and committed employees. Frustrated employees, on the other hand, can leave a negative impression about the organization and chase customers away.

When to recognize employees

You can time the delivery of the award with key career or personal milestones, such as work anniversaries, birthdays and annual reviews. Recognition can also come after important projects have been successfully completed or when a worker calls out a colleague who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to support the team. Timing is everything, so don’t wait too long — be sure to celebrate employee achievements while the details are fresh in everyone’s mind.

Spread the recognition

While it’s important to praise stellar employees, make sure you don’t play favorites and single out the same team members over and over again. This could breed resentment. Your rewards program should be inclusive. If everyone pitched in to land a client or meet a tight deadline, treat the whole team to lunch, or focus on giving equal recognition with whatever you decide to do.