How to Hire a Recruiter to Find the Best Talent or Best Job

By Robert Half on May 20, 2020 at 4:50pm

Staffing agencies are experts at making matches. Whether you want to find a job candidate who will take your team to the next level or you’re looking for a rewarding career opportunity for yourself, the assistance and insight you can get from a staffing agency recruiter can give you an edge.

A professional recruiter can help identify your needs, launch a search, evaluate candidates or employers, and reduce the time and stress associated with finding new team members or a new job. And, in these challenging and hectic times, having an expert in your corner to assist with these critical tasks can also be a huge relief.

First, a point of clarification: Technically, when you’re seeking a job and working with a staffing agency, you won’t be hiring a recruiter. Firms typically charge a fee to employers to find them candidates, but most don’t charge job seekers for their services.

So, how can you connect with the best professional recruiter to help you find the best talent or the best job? Following is a breakdown of things to look for when determining whether a staffing agency has the right expertise, tools and resources to help you.

Hiring recruiters — tips for employers

Employers in need of hiring a recruiter will want to make sure that a staffing professional and the firm they represent checks the boxes in these areas:

  • Specialization. You’re not likely to find the right job candidate if a professional recruiter doesn’t truly understand your business or the nuances of the employment market. At Robert Half, our recruiters can offer deep expertise in your industry and local market — as well as an informed perspective on the hiring environment. They may even know of passive job seekers who would consider changing roles to work for you. That’s important, because even in an uncertain economy, highly skilled candidates are always weighing their options.
  • Client lists. Ask to see a list of companies that the staffing agency has worked with and take time to read testimonials from customers. (Here are some testimonials that Robert Half has earned.) The ideal recruitment service will have a successful track record of working with businesses that are like yours in size and type.
  • Scope. The best staffing agency recruiters have cultivated a rich pipeline of job seekers through their networking efforts, and by placing professionals in jobs and staying connected with them afterward. At Robert Half, we maintain a deep and broad network of vetted professionals with in-demand skills and relevant experience, including millions of candidates who can work remotely. And we can supply either one person or an entire team, depending on your hiring needs.
  • Dedication to your unique staffing needs. Is the professional recruiter who would handle your hiring process committed to making an ideal match for you? The answer is yes if they are willing to take the time to get to know you and your organization's unique needs. That kind of legwork by a staffing agency recruiter can help you avoid the cost of a bad hire.

By hiring recruiters, you can also avoid spending time wading through a multitude of resumes from unqualified applicants — which is even more of a challenge in a hiring market that’s flooded with job seekers.


Hiring recruiters — tips for job seekers

Staffing services can provide you a head start on finding available jobs, connect you with valuable industry contacts, and alert you to promising on-site and remote work opportunities. The best recruiters cast wide nets with their extensive networks and long-term relationships with client companies. That helps you find career opportunities that might not yet be advertised.

Consider the following factors when evaluating staffing agencies:

  • Reputation. Research the staffing firm’s history, accolades, and alliance partners to get an idea of its standing in the industry. Ask for references.
  • Available jobs. Browse the job listings on the recruiting firm’s website. Look at job titles and the number of openings available in your field. Also, if you want or need to work remotely, determine whether the firm is an expert resource for placing candidates in work-from-home roles.
  • Professionalism and resourcefulness. Take note of the overall level of professionalism that the agency’s representatives exhibit, and how well they communicate. You want to be confident you’re hiring recruiters who are organized and committed. Consider, too, how the staffing agency recruiter is navigating the new normal. Meeting in person is no longer easy — or even an option in many cases. So assess how well the agency has set up its recruiters to interact with job candidates and employers remotely.
  • Policies. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of working with a staffing agency recruiter. Will you be working with one person or a team? How often will you receive updates? How quickly are new positions typically found? Also, be wary of any staffing agency that charges job seekers for their services.

Lastly, make a point to understand how involved you are expected to be when working with a professional recruiter. The best firms and their representatives will handle the heavy lifting for you and remain in touch to meet your unique needs.

If you’re ready to approach a staffing agency and explore the option of hiring a recruiter to assist in your job search, Robert Half can help. Get started by exploring our open positions now.

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