What’s the Latest on Public Accounting Salaries, Hiring This Year?

By Robert Half September 29, 2017 at 12:30pm

Public accounting firms are looking to hire throughout the coming year — not just in preparation for tax season. Job growth is healthy, and there's a high demand for top talent in public accounting jobs at all levels.

Public accounting firms are taking advantage of every available recruiting strategy — from employee referrals to wooing back former staff, according to the 2018 Robert Half Salary Guide. Both experienced CPAs and entry-level professionals are enjoying increased opportunities, and many public accounting firms continue to recruit top students while they are still in college.

Curious about the differences between public accounting jobs and private accounting? Read this blog post.

What is the CPA salary for jobs in public accounting?

Take this look at five public accounting jobs and their projected midpoint salaries for 2018. At the midpoint, candidates have average experience with the necessary skills to meet the job requirements.

  1. Tax services director: $132,000
  2. Tax services professional with less than a year of experience: $46,000
  3. Audit/assurance manager: $88,500
  4. Senior audit/assurance professional: $63,000
  5. Audit/assurance professional with one to three years of experience: $51,000

The next time you need to discuss pay, you'll want to consult the Salary Guide. Robert Half has been tracking pay ranges since 1950, and this year, it looks at more than 190 positions in the accounting and finance fields with customized wage ranges for more than 135 U.S. cities

Jobs in public accounting

While public accounting jobs traditionally don't share the same work-life balance that private accounting positions offer, some firms have started to introduce compressed workweeks, telecommuting and flexible work schedules. To improve retention, many organizations also are providing their best performers with bonuses, raises, promotions, increased vacation time, mentoring and professional development programs.

Public accounting professionals are in demand in cities across the United States. Find temporary jobs in your city, and see what employers are looking for in these hot cities:

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