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Robert Half’s Salary Guides are the most respected source for starting salaries, insight into the latest benefits and perks, and hiring trends across a wide range of professional fields. Download the guide for your area of specialization to get in-depth salary data and see:

  • The best ways to attract and retain top talent
  • The latest trends in hiring and compensation
  • In-demand positions and skills
  • How to set your hiring budget and negotiate job offers
  • Salary comparison analyses by city in each industry


Salary detail in specialized fields:

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Salary Calculator

Need to quickly calculate the starting salary offer for a hot job? Use the Salary Calculator to create a customized pay range for your open role based on experience level, location and other factors.


Trending salaries and perks

View the infographic to see how starting salaries compare across the United States for different job titles.


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Salary comparison map

Salaries vary widely across the U.S. Are you paying a competitive wage for your location? See the salary comparison for executive assistants front-end web developers, senior accountants, and user experience designers in 10 cities throughout the country.

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Perks and benefits

In the competition for top candidates, offering the right benefits and perks can give your company the edge. Find out which extras are most common so you stand out from the crowd.

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The authority on salaries and perks

Robert Half has been tracking starting salary ranges longer than virtually any other organization. We’ve published Salary Guides each year since 1950. In that time, they have become the most reliable resource for hiring managers and industry leaders. Even government agencies and the media frequently turn to our guides for accurate compensation data for hundreds of positions in the following areas of specialization:

The salary and job market data you need

In addition to giving you a comprehensive look into starting pay ranges and salary comparisons for more than 450 positions across numerous professional fields, our 2018 Salary Guides dive deep into:

  • National and local hiring trends
  • Staffing patterns
  • Hottest industries
  • In-demand positions
  • Skill sets employers need most


Salary research trusted by business and government

The data in the Robert Half Salary Guides is based on thousands of job placements made by our own recruiters throughout the U.S. and Canada. They work with hiring managers and job seekers every day and have unique, front-line insight into emerging pay trends. We also survey hiring managers and C-level executives to keep a finger on the pulse of the hiring market.

Unlike other sources of salary comparison and compensation information, the Robert Half Salary Guides provide more comprehensive salaries in percentiles, as well as the most common benefits, incentives and perks offered by employers. These salary figures are based on actual placements, as well as an analysis of the demand for the role and other market conditions. This knowledge helps you set your hiring budget and stay one step ahead of companies competing for the same candidates.

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