By Angela Lurie, Executive Director, Robert Half’s Full-Time Engagement Professionals practice Today’s job market is complex. Robert Half’s latest research shows the demand for skilled talent remains high, and millions of job openings are proof of pent-up needs — needs that vary widely by industry, business outlook and economic conditions. To stay nimble, organizations traditionally turn to contract workers to augment staff levels, complete mission-critical projects and cost-effectively scale hiring. Contracting is also an appealing career path for many workers — offering flexibility, access to a variety of projects and an opportunity to expand skills and experience. But often, both hiring managers and the skilled contract staff they need have their own preferences for how they want to work. The manager may have a complex, yet limited, staffing need but wants to make sure whoever is hired will be dedicated and able to take things to the finish line. Skilled professionals may enjoy the variety of contract work but would really prefer a job with more security and long-term prospects. A unique staffing solution from Robert Half can serve the needs of both, delivering better business continuity for clients and a unique career option for professionals seeking stability and a challenging career path. As head of Robert Half’s Full-Time Engagement Professionals practice group, I’ve seen our unique talent solutions model reshape the way businesses apply talent to their most critical project and workforce needs. In a nutshell, this model offers clients a diversity of highly skilled consultants to lend expertise on important projects or augment staffing needs. The difference is, these consultants are salaried Robert Half employees — experienced professionals in finance and accounting, technology, marketing and creative, senior management and the legal specializations. With half of employers today leaning on contract talent, and another almost 40% planning to use it this year, it’s no wonder the Full-Time Engagement Professionals practice is growing so quickly. As Robert Half employees, these professionals can maintain business continuity, giving clients the option to call on the same person repeatedly for recurring work.
Among the benefits of hiring a Full-time Engagement Professional: Access to specialized talent: Like all our contract talent, these professionals have been prereviewed for a range of experience levels, industry backgrounds, hard-to-find skills, software expertise and the strong communication skills needed to move seamlessly from project to project and get speedy results. Increased continuity: Full-time Engagement Professionals have chosen this as their career and are uniquely qualified to parachute into an organization, quickly ramp up and make an immediate impact in their role. Cost-effective solutions: Many of our clients see significant savings by using our professionals for recurring and long-term roles, as well as special projects. They can avoid the high fees of traditional audit, consulting and law firms and managed service providers (MSPs) and minimize the risks of adding permanent staff to solve a temporary problem. Enhanced business performance: Our Full-time Engagement Professionals are rooted in Robert Half’s strong company culture, values and processes, with access to consistent learning and professional development programming to sharpen their decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
For Full-Time Engagement Professionals, this opportunity provides the support of a full-time employer who appreciates their skills and will help them drive their career goals and objectives forward. It’s a very interesting career path for professionals who like aspects of consulting — like moving from client to client and gaining exposure to different industries, software, processes, business structures and transactions. Yet they enjoy the stability of a full-time job with a competitive base salary, comprehensive benefits and an uncapped discretionary bonus program. Other benefits for employees include: True employee engagement: Being a Full-time Engagement Professional fosters a deep sense of belonging and commitment among team members, who are an integral part of Robert Half employee culture and part of a supportive — and supported — team. Professional growth and stability: With an eye toward their success, managers work with Full-Time Engagement Professionals to tailor roles and projects based on experience, preferences and professional goals. We also provide professionals with consistent communication, guidance and performance feedback to support career development, as well as access to over 70,000 specialized training and professional development courses. Discretionary bonuses: The professionals in our national practice can earn unlimited discretionary bonuses by referring potential talent to our practice and sharing leads for new project work.
The Full-time Engagement Professionals practice is positioned as a single national practice, so when new employees are hired, they are joining one team with a multitude of career-accelerating deployment opportunities across the country. Our professionals are deployed on client engagements in a variety of capacities — in office, hybrid and remote, and I’m proud of the work culture Robert Half has built over the years, which leads with flexibility and autonomy. This unique talent solutions model is a game-changer for fostering higher productivity and job satisfaction. The Full-Time Engagement Professionals opportunity offers a balanced and fulfilling career for individuals, attracting top talent across specializations and industries. And it offers sustainable talent for businesses navigating a volatile and fast-moving business climate. Considering a Full-Time Engagement Professional? Learn more at Long-Term Project Consultants. Interesting in becoming a Full-Time Engagement Professional? See our current opportunities.