Companies in North America face an array of complex recruiting and retention challenges today, from a persistent shortage of skilled talent available for hire, to heightened turnover, to the rapid rise of “anywhere working” and employees’ changing expectations about the nature of work.

These dynamics, many of which stem from COVID-19 pandemic-related business disruption, have had employers rethinking their staffing strategies, often on the fly, so they can align the talent they need, when they need it, to increase their agility and position for growth.

A new publication from Robert Half, Staffing Critical Functions: 2022 Benchmarking Report, takes a data-forward look at how companies in the United States and Canada are managing their hiring and retention issues and staffing specialized teams in the following areas:

  • Administrative and customer support
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources
  • Legal
  • Marketing and creative
  • Technology

What’s inside Robert Half’s 2022 Benchmarking Report

Our new report features data insights gathered from surveys of C-suite executives and senior managers at organizations in North America. It examines:

  • What some of the top challenges are to recruiting in-demand talent in today’s market, and the specific strategies companies are using to overcome hiring and retention hurdles
  • What positions employers are finding most challenging to staff in key business functions
  • What benefits businesses are experiencing by recruiting fully remote candidates
  • How the strategic use of contract professionals, managed solutions and outsourcing arrangements is helping many companies to bridge staffing and skills gaps

Robert Half’s Staffing Critical Functions: 2022 Benchmarking Report also offers tips for creating a more engaged, productive and satisfied workforce.

Get your free copy of this data-driven report from Robert Half today. The research presented in our new publication can help you better understand how your organization’s peers are managing hiring and retention challenges and staffing their teams, so you have the insight you need to build a highly skilled, motivated and nimble workforce for your business.