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95% of HR managers and 99% of workers feel it’s important for employees to have a high EQ, or strong level of emotional intelligence.

More than 1 in 5 employees said EQ is more valuable at work than IQ. 65% think they’re equally important.

92% of workers think they have strong emotional intelligence.

74% believe their bosses do.

3 in 10 HR managers feel most employers put too little emphasis on emotional intelligence when hiring.

What companies use to gauge job applicants’ EQ:

70% Reference checks
55% Behavioral-based interview questions
32% Personality/psychometric tests
15% Don’t gauge candidates’ EI

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The greatest benefit of having employees with high emotional intelligence, according to HR managers:

43% Increased motivation/morale
21% Improved leadership
19% Better collaboration
16% Effective conflict resolution
1% Other

40% of HR managers said soft skills are more difficult to teach workers than technical abilities.

61% of employees have let emotions get the better of them in the office.

When a colleague doesn’t control his or her emotions, 86% of workers said it affects their perception of that person’s level of professionalism.

Source: OfficeTeam survey of 607 HR managers and 809 workers in the United States and Canada

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