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5 steps to a sustainable career

With a sustainable career, you can adapt quickly to the changing job market and continue to do a good job in the long run. But how do you build such a sustainable career for yourself?

How to demonstrate you have a high AQ?

For businesses, the past year has been all about adapting and moving quickly. So it is not surprising that adaptability and agility are high on employers’ lists when it comes to employees. Your AQ, short for Adaptability Quotient, is becoming increasingly important. But what is it, and how can you, as an applicant, prove you have a high AQ?

Telecommuting 101: 7 tips for remaining productive when working from home

If you’re one of the growing number of workers planning to work exclusively from home, it’s important to establish a plan and discuss any potential obstacles and solutions with your manager. Here are seven suggestions to help make sure you stay productive without compromising your work-life balance.

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Salary Guide Explore salaries for different positions and trends in our Salary Guide with a focus on market outlook and fringe benefits in the Belgian labor market. Finding a job Research and insights Interim Management: impermanent but important People rarely think of ‘interim management’ as a permanent job. All too often, the role continues to be associated with uncertainty and temporariness. Yet the majority of interim managers themselves harbour no desire whatsoever to return to a permanent role. Work with a service provider, and avoid clients who don’t pay up As a freelancer or interim manager, you may face many uncertainties. One of these is concern about being paid on time for the work you have delivered and invoiced. Undeniably, this is a great source of stress and frustration. Want to avoid this unnecessary stress and wasted effort? Team up with a service provider for your next project. The must-have key skills for senior leadership Managing Directors in Robert Half’s Executive Search practice, explain why network leadership is one of the must-have skills for senior leadership. Tech trends leaders need to prepare for Technology leaders from Robert Half and Protiviti explore three tech trends that leaders need to prepare for. Female representation in management positions In 2020, Robert Half Executive Search profiled the CEOs of the BEL20 companies. This showed that the average CEO in a listed organisation was Belgian, male and 56 years old. Although limited research in 2024 has already revealed greater diversity in the boardroom, women still remain underrepresented in positions of leadership, on management boards and on boards of directors. Why is this, what solutions exist and what might the future hold? Happiness at work: a must or an unreachable ideal What does happiness at work really mean and why is it so crucial? How can you ensure that employees feel good? How to manage people in a hybrid working model Due to the corona crisis working from home has been the norm for several months. The road to a hybrid working model where part of the team works at home and part at the office seems to have begun. But how do you manage such a team? What are the pitfalls? And how do you keep employee engagement high? Using soft skills to help women close the leadership gap Executive leadership skills are evolving as younger generations start their careers and hybrid working moves into the mainstream. As part of Women’s History Month Karina Perez Galindo Noëmie Cicurel and Vanessa Sproedt-Graef from Robert Half explore why soft skills often associated with women are becoming pivotal to modern leadership. 10 typical mistakes that recruiters don’t want to see in a CV About to apply for a job? Read the following list of the 10 things recruiters absolutely don’t want to see in a CV.

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