Tips to Prepare for an IT Salary Negotiation

If you’re interviewing for an IT job, you might not think you need to prepare for salary negotiations. After all, IT professionals in many specialty areas remain in strong demand.

And not only do most CIOs surveyed think it will be somewhat or very challenging to fill tech jobs in the first six months of 2014, but IT salaries are projected to increase 5.6 percent overall next year.

In addition, many firms are offering perks and generous compensation packages to entice top candidates, especially those with in demand skills -- networking engineers and web developers, to name a few.

All these factors seem to put IT professionals in the driver’s seat when it comes to salary negotiations, but you still shouldn’t walk into a negotiation unprepared. According to a recent article by John Reed, Robert Half Technology’s Senior Executive Director:

“Most companies usually have a general range in mind when hiring for a specific position, but will go to the top end of the range for outstanding candidates. The onus may be on you to convince the hiring manager that you deserve to earn a higher starting salary.”

Reed offers some excellent salary negotiation tips:

  • Think beyond the technical aspects of the job and highlight your non-technical skills.
  • Highlight industry certifications.
  • Demonstrate that you’re a strategic thinker who knows how technology fits into the larger business needs of a firm.
  • Think about more than salary: Does the firm offer training or perks that enhance your work/life balance, for example? Are there excellent professional development opportunities?

Check out the full article if you’re conducting a job search and likely to be engaged in salary negotiations. For information on starting compensation for over 70 IT jobs, check out the 2014 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide.

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