New Whitepaper Shows How CIOs Use Twitter to Learn and Grow Their Businesses

How CIOs use Twitter

CIOs and senior IT leaders have a lot on their plates. Constantly changing technology, systems integrations and security breaches are the kind of things that can keep a person up at night. So why, when you drop into their office unannounced, might you find these folks goofing off on Twitter?

Well, they might not be goofing off. They might be saving your business.

Where better to learn about a dynamic technology environment than from other peers and businesses encountering the same concerns? Twitter is a quick, efficient way to access top thought leaders in just about any business category. Done right, it might even establish your company as one of those leaders. On a practical level, it can drive customers your way and drive tangible return on those cute little tweets. You might even learn something useful that could transform your business.

We wondered how these CIOs and senior IT leaders are using Twitter to keep up and get ahead, so we partnered with Leadtail to study 524 of them in the United States and Canada. We analyzed 83,314 of their tweets to better understand:

  • How do they describe themselves in social media?
  • What topics are they discussing?
  • Which content sources are they consuming and sharing?
  • Who are the most influential people and publications among IT leaders?

Among the key takeaways in the resulting whitepaper, you’ll be happy to know that these leaders messing around on Twitter are showcasing their expertise and leadership, driving conversations about strategy and innovation. (OK, and maybe sharing that hilarious Jimmy Fallon video.)

So what are they talking about? Cloud computing and infrastructure, big data, analytics and “The Internet of Things” lead the pack in popular topics. These technology leaders are hungry to keep up with the latest innovations and solutions, and Twitter is particularly well suited for acquiring that information. No other social network comes close.

In case you’re thinking “old school” mainstream media have gotten pushed out in this picture, think again. Sources like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review provide some of the most shared content for this community. Industry sources like Business Insider, CIO Magazine and TechCrunch are hot on their heels, along with some sources you might not even know about.

If you’re still working on your own ultimate list of IT folks to follow on Twitter, the whitepaper is a goldmine. You’ll recognize some big names that top CIOs follow, like Steve Wozniak or Elon Musk, but many others in the top 50 most-followed may be completely off your radar. Get ready to follow them and soak in the wisdom.

We suspect this research will inspire many in the tech world to step up their own game on Twitter – and the paper gives clear direction for how to do that. Success with this powerful tool certainly isn’t “goofing off,” but it just might offer great value to you and your business.

Download the whitepaper here >>

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