Infographic Library

Find infographics and other visual assets that illustrate emerging workplace and employment trends, based on exclusive research from Robert Half.

5 In-Demand Coding Languages

What types of coding language expertise do technology managers want most on their teams today? Find out in this infographic from Robert Half.

5 In-Demand Tech Methodologies

What types of IT methodology expertise do technology managers value most right now? Find out in this infographic from Robert Half.

Hot Hiring Areas in Marketing

Where are some of the hottest career paths in marketing this year? See this infographic from Robert Half for insight.

Rising Burnout

An infographic from Robert Half shows burnout is a growing issue for many workers, including those who have flexible schedules.

Addressing Pay Compression

Find out in these Robert Half infographics how companies are addressing pay compression and what workers will do if they don’t get a raise this year.