Resumania™: “Idea Wizards” and “Zen Masters” Need Not Apply

By Robert Half May 19, 2014 at 7:00am

Creativity is generally a good attribute for a job candidate to possess. That being said, don’t get creative with your job title when writing your resume or cover letter.

If you’re a senior accountant, avoid referring to yourself as a “high-level bean counter” (as one real-life applicant did). Likewise, if you’re a graphic designer, don’t tell prospective employers that you’re a “design ninja.” Your playfulness will likely come across as more amateurish than clever.

These job seekers should have stuck to the facts:

JOB TITLE: “Customer Service Magician.”

We hope you don’t make the customers disappear.

JOB TITLE: “Certified Zen Master of Web Programming.”

How does one go about earning that designation?

JOB TITLE: “Account Manager/Steady Eddie of the office.”

Do you work with Even Steven?

JOB TITLE: “Technological Teddy Bear.”

We always knew Teddy Ruxpin would make a comeback.

JOB TITLE: “Fun Jell-O Shot Guy.”

Is that what you want on your nameplate and business card?

JOB TITLE: “The Idea Wizard.”

Who needs Harry Potter anyway?

JOB TITLE: “Energetic Agent of Change.”

Speaking of things you might want to change…

Have you seen any good resume or cover letter goofs? Send examples to [email protected].

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