Your resume is very much a sales tool. But unlike a Cyber Monday advertisement, spotlighting your low price isn’t going to help you make the sale.

Trying to undercut the competition might be a useful tactic for retailers, but it’s not a wise strategy for job seekers. By focusing on how low they’ll go in terms of their salary requirements rather than playing up their professional skills and abilities, these applicants sold themselves short:

“SALARY REQUIREMENTS: Asking for less than the next guy.”

This candidate’s not afraid to take a leap of faith.

“SALARY REQUIREMENTS: Will work for cheap. Believe me when I say I am cheap! It’s a really, really low salary that I will accept.”

Not the shrewdest negotiator.

“SALARY REQUIREMENTS: I will work for half price, like a Groupon deal.”

A half-baked plan.

COVER LETTER: “I am inexperienced, but I am also cheap.”

May we suggest frugal instead?

Also, keep in mind that employers do not appreciate high-pressure sales tactics.

COVER LETTER: “You can interview me for free for a limited time!”

First question: Do you know how the interview process works?

RESUME: “Great employee available! Act now! Take advantage of this special offer!”

Do we need a rebate form?