When it comes to cover letters, it’s important to write a compelling, attention-grabbing opening sentence. But to leave prospective employers with a favorable impression, you also must craft a solid conclusion.

Consider using your last sentence or two to reassert your strong interest in the position and suitability for both the role and company. And, of course, make sure your conclusion is free of errors. As the saying goes, “Good to begin well, better to end well.”

These job seekers closed on the wrong note:

COVER LETTER: “Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you in the new future.”

When is that, exactly?

COVER LETTER: “Finally, as an overview, I love to collaborate to enlighten direction based on targetted markets.”

You’re off “target” with this statement.

COVER LETTER: “Please, before you blow me off as ‘overqualified,’ understand that what I am overqualified for is being a department-store greeter.”

Duly noted.

COVER LETTER: “Making me an addition to this workforce will not be a problem.”

We’re not so sure about that.

COVER LETTER: “All I ask is for you to consider my perspicacious aspiration to become an erudite factotum in your organization.”

Well, we are in need of a good erudite factotum.

This last embarrassing typo is from a job candidate whose first name is Doug:

CLOSING: “Sincerely, Dog.”

Cattiness is his biggest pet peeve.