How Creatives View Change in the Workplace

By on September 30, 2019 at 9:00pm


In a survey by The Creative Group, advertising and marketing managers said teams have the hardest time adjusting to changes in technology.

How easy or challenging is it for your team to adapt to the following types of change in the workplace?


Very easy: 21%
Easy: 33%
Challenging: 35%
Very Challenging: 11%

Staffing or leadership

Very easy: 22%
Easy: 41%
Challenging: 30%
Very Challenging: 8%

Business direction

Very easy: 22%
Easy: 41%
Challenging: 30%
Very Challenging: 7%

Internal processes and procedures

Very easy: 22%
Easy: 39%
Challenging: 33%
Very Challenging: 6%


Research from Robert Half’s Jobs and Anxiety report shows creative teams are — and will continue to be — dealing with numerous changes in technology.

Technologies predicted to be the most disruptive in the next five years:

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
2. Virtual reality
3. Automation

Top barriers to new technology

1. Team’s resistance to change
2. Difficult integration with legacy systems and process
3. Effort or cost to implement new technologies is greater than benefits; insufficient training for employees (tie)

Source: The Creative Group survey of 400 advertising and marketing managers in the U.S. The survey developed for the Jobs and AI Anxiety report includes responses from 250 advertising and marketing managers in the U.S.

To read the full Jobs and AI Anxiety report, visit

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