4 Top Perks and Benefits Legal Professionals Are Negotiating With Job Offers

By Robert Half on November 14, 2022 at 2:30pm

In addition to salary, what is one of the top perks or benefits that legal professionals negotiate with job offers?

Legal job candidates are in the driver’s seat when it comes to negotiating benefits and perks with a job offer, especially when the employer can’t compete on salary. We asked recruiters with Robert Half’s legal practice group the question above, and here are four of the most popular benefits that they cited:

  1. Career mapping
  2. Flexibility and work-life balance
  3. Work-from-home flexibility
  4. Expedited and concise interview process

1. Career mapping

Candidates don’t just want a job; they want to know what a career path could look like for them if they stay with the company. Employers are brainstorming growth opportunities for their potential hires to ensure they can retain top talent and show potential applicants that they will have a long-term home!

Alison Small, vice president, Chicago, Ill.

2. Flexibility and work-life balance

Legal professionals are forgoing higher pay in return for increased flexibility and lighter workloads. It is now almost impossible to hire legal professionals without offering some degree of remote flexibility. Candidates perceive it to be a “red flag” if employers aren’t willing to offer the option to work from home, even one day per week. People are also negotiating the ability to arrange their work schedules around child care and other obligations.

The pandemic increased awareness of burnout and corresponding mental health issues. Now, candidates across all levels are seeking increased paid time off. Legal professionals are becoming more unwilling to consider positions requiring high billable hours or those in contentious or emotionally taxing practice areas. We have seen a shift where even attorneys would now prefer a “clock in/clock out” role over a higher-paying but more demanding position offering partnership potential, the chance to try cases or other upward professional mobility.

Allegria Berg, vice president and senior recruiting manager, Los Angeles, Calif.

3. Work-from-home flexibility

In this market, the top perk/benefit I see candidates asking or negotiating for is work-from-home flexibility. Clients offering this benefit will be able to attract and retain the best talent in the market. For candidates, it frees up personal time not spent commuting for a better work-life balance. Also, working from home can provide an interruption-free day so they can spend more time on actual work.

Justin Rambert, recruiting manager, Chicago, Ill.

4. Expedited and concise interview process

Candidates aren’t looking to jump through hoops to land their next job. Keeping the interview process within a shortened time span shows the applicant that your company is serious about onboarding them quickly. It increases the odds of acceptance while giving your organization an edge over competitors with lengthier interview processes.

Providing clear information on salary and benefits from the get-go also helps build the foundation of trust. Transparency, communication and “keeping it real” go a long way in the quest to obtain top talent.

Noah Rosenberg, client solutions manager, Hoboken, N.J.

Headshots of four recruiters with Robert Half's legal practice group.

Robert Half recruiters (top row, from left): Alison Small and Allegria Berg; (bottom row, from left): Justin Rambert and Noah Rosenberg.

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