The Manager's Checklist for Onboarding Temporary Employees

By Robert Half February 26, 2019 at 12:00pm

How would you rate your company's process of welcoming newcomers and getting them adjusted to your work environment? An onboarding checklist provides a starting point to set them up for success, whether you’re bringing on a temporary worker for an immediate need or for a longer-term project.

As a manager, you can use your role to help new hires feel comfortable and acclimated to the job and organization.

“Including temporary professionals in onboarding activities helps them build rapport with colleagues and hit the ground running,” said Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps. “A positive experience also enhances the firm’s reputation among these professionals and their networks.”

Steinitz offers this onboarding checklist for making sure your new workers get the right start.

Before the first day of work

  • Create a supportive environment. Alert the receptionist, and have the work station stocked with essential supplies and equipment, including network access.
  • Tell your staff who’s coming. Make sure full-time employees understand what it is that the temporary workers will do and, in turn, what support they will provide. Consider assigning a staff member to be a workplace buddy for informal support.

Onboarding checklist after arrival

  • Make introductions. Give the newcomers a warm welcome and introduce them to key colleagues. Provide an overview of relevant policies and processes.
  • Discuss duties and expectations. Take some time to talk in greater depth about the temporary position and its responsibilities.
  • Communicate your company goals. As you take your new hires around your workplace, make sure to share your organizational culture.

Ongoing onboarding for success

  • Include them in activities. You can let them know they’re a part of the team by including them in meetings and events that provide you with an opportunity to strengthen their professional relationships and boost morale.
  • Praise their accomplishments. Highlight how they are making a difference in the company.
  • Stay in touch. Check in with them regularly, encouraging them to ask questions.

Another term for company onboarding that’s used by academic researchers is “organizational socialization.” These efforts are not meant to replace orientation programs or professional development efforts. Onboarding does, however, promise short-term success, in terms of initial adjustments for your new hires and positive outcomes for your company in the long term.

As Steinitz says, “An onboarding checklist can help you retain top talent and even pave the way for full-time hiring arrangements.”

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