Social Media: Making Big Things Happen for the Small Accounting Firm

social media small business

Having a well-designed website is essential in today’s competitive business environment, but that may not be enough to set your company apart from the competition. Adding a strong social media presence to your online repertoire can work wonders for the small accounting firm looking to attract new clients.

As you begin your social media adventure, think of your website as the virtual location of your accounting firm and the various social media platforms as different routes to help people get there. Whether it’s an interesting WordPress blog, an insightful tweet on Twitter, an intriguing Facebook post or an informative LinkedIn profile, effective use of social media can direct potential clients to your website and help your accounting firm attract new business and retain established clients.

But if you’re not savvy with social media, how do you know where to start?

Set expectations.

From the outset, it’s important to determine what you want social media to do for your accounting firm. Objectives could range from gaining opportunities for face-to-face networking, to providing valuable information for prospective and existing clients, to building name recognition for your brand.

The popular “For Dummies” series offers numerous resources related to specific platforms. These guides may not make you an expert, but they’ll certainly make you more informed as you formulate your social media strategy.

Put someone in charge.

A key part of that strategy may entail hiring someone — or designating a qualified individual within the firm — to manage your social media presence. Consider inviting select members of your current staff to a brainstorming session to get the ball rolling. Perhaps one of your employees has enough experience with social media to either spearhead your firm’s efforts or give valuable input on the qualities you’ll need in the person you select to manage your online presence.

Although there are certain aspects of social media that hold true across the board, the person you pick to head your social media efforts should understand the current and future goals of your accounting firm to select the right platforms for achieving them.

Determine which platforms to use.

Twitter, for example, can be excellent for sending short messages with links to your website, WordPress blogs or industry-related articles. Facebook is good for sharing links as well, and if you’re more interested in feedback from clients or customers, it may be a better option than Twitter. LinkedIn isn’t only a great platform for individuals; it also allows you to set up a profile for your company. Joining LinkedIn groups related to accounting, such as Accounting and Finance Professionals or Tax Professionals, can be an effective way to build name recognition while keeping up with the latest accounting and finance news.

Getting your accounting firm active in the social media world does not have to be intimidating. Just learn what you can through your own research and find the right person or people to help you make smart decisions as you go forward. In time, your growing number of fans, followers and friends will translate into more business as your uncertainty subsides and your bottom line increases.

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