Robert Half's WorkVine® blog series addresses the lighter side of the workplace, with fun topics to help you get through the workday.

Professional certifications can be one of the most valuable career assets for any professional. Professional certifications prove to employers that you possess advanced skills and experience, as well as the desire and determination to see a goal through to completion. But, as we’re all aware, sometimes it takes more than an understanding of generally accepted accounting principles or a particular software program to get ahead.

What about those key abilities that are not taught in a classroom? In our opinion, there’s a need for professional certifications that validate softer, subtler workplace skills. Here are five we wish existed:

1. Professional Bagel Bringer (PBB)

In addition to providing coworkers with carbs and cream cheese to fuel them through the morning, having a PBB on the team can lift everyone’s spirits. Surprise snacks are a great way to shake up a slow workday.

Certified by: Bakers for a Better Workplace Society

2. Certified Happy Hour Planner (CHHP)

A Friday outing helps you see sides of your teammates you never knew existed. Margo in accounting? She’s an avid gardener. Paul from IT? He’s skilled in ballroom dancing. Sue, the office manager, climbs mountains during her vacations. Friendships formed outside of work tend to spill over into the office, meaning that any event a CHHP oversees will double as a team-building activity.

Certified by: Board of Brews for Happy Crews

3. Keeper of the Coffeemaker (KOC)

Give cranky coworkers one less thing to gripe about by making sure the coffee pot never goes empty. Requirements for this professional certification include knowing how to properly refill a Keurig reservoir (or use an old-fashioned filter), a love of coffee, and a clear view of the kitchen or break room.

Certified by: Council of Caffeinators


4. Licensed Unnecessary Meeting Skipper (LUMS)

So many meeting invites, so little time! Maintain your workflow, productivity and sanity by steering clear of meetings where your presence is not necessary or required. Unlike most other professional certifications, this one also directly benefits your coworkers. Those who possess a LUMS know how to not only skip unnecessary meetings but also avoid scheduling them in the first place.

Certified by: The Council for Better Workplace Meetings

5. Certified CC’ing Expert (CCE)

If there’s one thing people don’t need, it’s additional email. Those holding the CCE credential know that more isn’t always better when it comes to including people on an email distribution list. They copy only those coworkers who truly need to weigh in on a particular issue or a status update.

Certified by: The Society for Responsible Emailing Habits