Percent of New Jobs Offered as Remote


  • Q1 2238%

  • Q2 2237%

Arts, Design & Media

  • Q1 2230%

  • Q2 2233%


  • Q1 2225%

  • Q2 2229%

Business and Finance Operations

  • Q1 2227%

  • Q2 2231%


  • Q1 2222%

  • Q2 2234%

Office and admin support

  • Q1 2218%

  • Q2 2215%

Return to the Office

Most employers expect some in-office time from workers, and the majority of that group have already called their teams back or will soon.

When companies expect workers back:

 59% Already back in the office part- or full-time

 18% Not returning to the office

 15% Within the second half of 2022

 4% 2023 or later

Top responses shown

Point of No Return?

Plans to return workers to the office could cause companies to lose up to half of their workforce.

Managers who have lost employees because of return-to-office requirements

Workers who say they would quit if required to return to the office full time

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