Hot Job: Marketing Communications Manager

They're talented storytellers. Experts on what's new and now. Adept at developing cost-effective ways of promoting products and services. They're marketing communications managers ­– and they're invaluable to a company's bottom line. Here's the scoop on the marketing communication manager role.

The competition for consumers' attention grows stronger every day. That's why companies need specialists: marketing communications managers – also known as MarCom managers. These professionals know how to develop marketing strategies that will attract customers. They don't just take ownership of business intelligence, they take it to the next level to develop and enhance a brand.

Here's a look at the marketing communications manager salary range and job description.

Marketing communications manager salary benchmarks

According to The Creative Group Salary Guide, the average starting salary for a marketing communications manager position ranges from $64,000 to $86,750 for MarCom managers with three to five years of experience; the range goes up to $79,000 to $115,000 for those with five or more years of experience. Use our Salary Calculator to adjust these salaries for your city.

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Duties and expectations

The marketing communications manager is typically responsible for:

  • Creating and implementing plans to increase market share
  • Commissioning or conducting market research
  • Overseeing market data analysis and evaluation
  • Developing pricing and budgeting strategies
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams – from creative, IT and production to product marketing and legal – to produce effective promotional materials
  • Coordinating with and managing agency partners
  • Creating marketing presentations for stakeholders
  • Obtaining necessary consent and providing final approval on all marketing collateral, products and promotions
  • Developing schedules and maintaining deadlines

In some organizations, the marketing communications manager might also be heavily involved with projects relating to search engine optimization, website updates, social media and email automation.

Professional experience and skills

To be a marketing communications manager, you must have a marketing or advertising background. Employers often require at least three years of experience. Some hiring managers also prefer candidates with MBA degrees.

The most essential prerequisites are strong analytical and communication skills. Marketing communications managers are in charge of both traditional and digital marketing communications processes. To lead effective campaigns, these managers not only need to be able to analyze marketing trends, but they also need to make cost-saving decisions for production.

Successful marketing doesn't happen unless marketing communication managers clearly convey their concepts to creative and production teams, as well agency partners and stakeholders. The ability to communicate effectively is especially important when MarCom managers serve as active creative directors or content providers on projects.

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Editor's note: This post has been updated with the latest Salary Guide data.