3 Tips for Motivating Employees During Tax Season

By Robert Half on March 7, 2017 at 7:45pm

The home stretch of tax season can be very stressful for accounting employees and employers, with the increased workload and fast-approaching deadlines. There are many ways for motivating employees to get through these deadlines.

Below are three ways to keep accounting staff happy and motivated during tax season — and to make your life easier:

1. Be ready to add to the team

Turnover can single-handedly destroy the morale of staff. Some firms are still managing many deadlines while operating with a minimum head count. If one employee leaves the team, the burden of the work is now spread among the rest of the staff. This could mean longer work hours and more stress on your employees.

Many employers have a very savvy approach to hiring. They are always keeping their eyes open for new talent and looking to add the team. This approach is a forward-thinking way of combating turnover and motivating employees.

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2. Recognize your staff

Employees should be recognized and appreciated for their hard work, and they'll reward you with a more positive attitude.

Some firms that aren’t in a position to give large monetary bonuses still keep their team just as happy with gestures such as ordering lunch or dinner, sending gift baskets to the employees’ families, casual dress on a day clients aren’t coming into the office and extra days off after tax seasons. If staff feel they are recognized by their managers, they are less likely to leave their employer in a jam.

3. Provide a career path

One of the top reasons people mention for leaving employers is lack of opportunity. Businesses should create more vision for their employees and keep them motivated. If there are next steps in the firm for promotions, this is a great conversation to have. Even if the advancement is not immediately available, turning the light on career path discussions can keep employees inspired. If there is not the ability to promote someone in title, employers can still discuss the option of taking on a new project, mentoring a staff member, or being a part of a steering committee, for example.

Many firms also have a good system in place through succession planning. The important thing is to keep morale high and deadlines met while fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

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