Working With a Staffing Firm: 5 Benefits for Consultants

By Robert Half on November 5, 2015 at 6:10pm

Whether you’re an experienced consultant or an executive-level professional looking to move into consulting as a new career path or a way to transition toward retirement, working with a staffing firm can help set you on a course for success.

Here are five reasons — in addition to an attractive salary and benefits package — consultants should consider working with a reputable staffing firm:

1. Your experience and skills will be understood — and highly valued.

Every consultant — from financial consultants to business analysts — has a complex blend of skills, knowledge and experience. Staffing specialists not only will recognize the value of your unique skill set, they will also know how your abilities can be put to the best use for their clientele. You therefore can be confident that you will be matched with businesses that need exactly what you can bring to the table as a consultant.

2. You’ll have a dedicated ‘marketing team’ behind you.

A solid reputation for being an expert who delivers great work is essential to the success of any consultant. But no matter how skilled and experienced you are, building your credibility and network can take a long time when you go it alone in consulting.

When you work with a staffing firm, however, you’ll have a strong advocate in your corner – not unlike a third-party marketing organization that’s focused on promoting your professional brand. You’ll have people assisting in your job search who care about matching you with the right projects, and can clearly explain to leading employers why they should work with you.

3. You can access new learning opportunities.

A leading staffing firm wants to ensure its consultants are well-trained, well-rounded and well-informed, and will help them connect to a variety of professional development and continuing education opportunities. From e-learning to accredited seminars and courses, consultants working with a leading staffing firm will be able to tap numerous resources to help them excel.

4. You can be more selective when choosing assignments.

Breaking out on your own as a consultant can be challenging, and can place you in a position where you take assignments simply because you need the work — and not because you enjoy it.

By working with a staffing firm, you can pursue an array of assignments that are most aligned to your specific interests and goals as a consultant. You’ll also have more opportunity to work across a broad range of industries and business environments, and to provide your own unique brand of essential knowledge and original insight to help companies succeed.

5. You can maintain better work-life balance.

Consultants who work with a staffing firm have more flexibility to set their own schedule. That means you not only can choose projects that suit your interests, but also your work-life balance and lifestyle needs.

You can make yourself available for consideration when the time is right for you, and take time off between engagements, if you choose. And for skilled consultants who place a premium on continuity of work, a staffing firm can help keep potential opportunities coming your way.

No matter where you want to take your consulting career, a reputable staffing firm can help you get there. You’ll be in the driver’s seat, while simultaneously getting all the support you need from a first-rate navigation team. And because a staffing firm will take care of the details — from helping you find the right assignments to making arrangements with employers — you can stay focused on the work you do best.

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