As you near retirement age, you may find yourself at something of a crossroads. You’ll be glad to say goodbye to 50-plus-hour workweeks, but you’re not ready for your accounting and finance career to come to a screeching halt. But what jobs for retirees should you consider?

You want to find retirement jobs that make the best use of your abilities and appeal to your interests. But you also want them to be flexible enough to match a more relaxed lifestyle. Perhaps you’d like to work remotely, for example. Meeting new people and learning new things might be among your priorities, too. Or maybe you’re aiming to supplement your IRA or 401(k) savings and increase your financial security.

Whatever your reasons for seeking retirement jobs, be sure to consider any potential tax and Social Security consequences before you launch your search. Then, you may want to explore the following avenues that can be sources of jobs for retirees: