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  • Learn what steps you must take to hire and retain top accounting and finance talent
  • Get insider information on industry trends that influence hiring in 2018
  • See the hiring outlooks for public accounting, corporate accounting and financial services

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Salary Calculator

Use the Salary Calculator to get a quick, customized salary target for more than 190 accounting and finance jobs. The Salary Calculator takes many factors into account, including the local market, company size and skill set, to give you the details you need for setting budgets or negotiating a job offer.


The hiring landscape for accounting and finance jobs

Stay up to date on which accounting and finance roles are in greatest demand in 2018.


Ten accounting and finance jobs to watch in 2018 infographic thumbnail

Ten accounting and finance jobs to watch in 2018

See the top 10 positions in the accounting and finance fields in 2018, as well as the midpoint salaries these professionals can command.

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Finance and accounting salaries across the U.S. infographic thumbnail

Finance and accounting salaries across the U.S.

See how salaries stack up for key accounting and finance roles in 2018 — and where they will likely exceed the average.

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WEBINAR: Sweetening Salaries — How to Recruit and Retain Finance Professionals in 2018

Do you know what your competitors are paying talent in 2018? Whether you want to prevent turnover or your company is staffing up in this hiring market, keeping salaries competitive is key. Register for this complimentary webinar to hear top staffing executives on:

  • 2018 hiring trends in accounting and finance
  • How to successfully negotiate compensation packages
  • Strategies to retain top talent

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Salary details for key finance and accounting roles

Take a look at salaries for some of the most sought-after finance and accounting job titles, plus a breakdown of compensation trends by region.

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