5 Reasons You Should Take That HR Assistant Job

By Robert Half on August 15, 2019 at 6:00am

Have you always been interested in human resources but aren’t sure how to get your foot in the door? You might consider taking an entry-level HR assistant job, where you’ll help directors and managers accomplish important tasks — and start a rewarding career.

This role is perfect for excellent communicators with strong interpersonal and organizational skills. It can also be a great starting point to prepare you for future HR jobs. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should go for an HR assistant role:

1. HR assistants are in high demand

HR assistant roles are among the hardest to staff for growing companies — meaning businesses must often compete over candidates like you. And human resources assistant positions can be found at companies everywhere, so you likely won’t have to worry about relocating to find a spot with a great employer.

2. The job can be temporary

Not sure if you would even enjoy a career in human resources? No problem. Many companies are looking for interim workers, so you can test it out in a temporary role and see if it’s something you would want to continue doing in the long run.

3. It’s often considered entry-level

Usually, no experience is necessary for HR assistant jobs. As a result, at many companies, you’ll receive on-the-job training for skills that will help you throughout the rest of your career. Check out our long list of HR assistant job postings and find one that’s right for you.

4. It can start your career path

After spending some time developing your skills and gaining experience in a professional setting, you may be an appealing candidate for HR specialist roles in benefits, recruiting and even management. With these more senior positions come increased authority and higher pay.

5. You'll do meaningful work

As an HR assistant, you probably won’t spend your days getting coffee and making photocopies. Rather, you might fill your time helping with challenging projects related to finding great candidates for open positions and onboarding new hires. Imagine yourself conducting research to find potential employees, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews and planning new orientations to help gauge your long-term interest.

Best candidates for HR assistant jobs

Most companies look for candidates with strong clerical, time management and customer service skills, as well as sensitivity with confidential matters and an eagerness to learn all things HR.

You might find yourself putting your tech skills to use when maintaining database records for employees and using the internet to find new team members. You might put your soft skills into play to assist with preliminary interviews of job applicants. And your organizational skills may be tapped to help with scheduling, managing orientations or providing administrative support for HR executives.

Already prepared to start the job? Great! Search HR assistant jobs to find out if this is the right career for you.

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